Wendesday night madness

Michelle came in tonight looking very chic in her new dress and cardigan and perfectly matched jewelry.  She reminded meMichelle Obama and how she totally rocks that dress and cardigan look. 
I made her model the shop sample in Ella Rae Lace Merino that my total  found whileI was creeping on this incredibly talented knitter’s blog.

  This first picture didn’t come out so well, so I made Michelle get up and take another one.  Angela says Michelle needs to get out of her box a little more and stop being so shy

Kia found Crazy for Ewe tonight.  I think she’s happy, but her husband is probably going to be really sorry about it.

We almost ran out of chairs

 and we ran almost out of wine


And we ran out of shoe stamina, which almost never happens.  The name of that place where deals on shoes is 6 p.m. That’s where Zappos sends stuff they want to move. Don’t go there – it’s a sickness.  Get out while you still can. 

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