Wardrobe BFFs

In case you don’t have a teenaged daughter, a BFF is a “Best Friend Forever. ”  Your BFF is the one you turn to when things are down and the first one you call with good news.  You are comfortable just hanging out and doing nothing together, and she’s the one you want at your side when you walk into a party.  She’s not high maintenance, and although she’s terrific and confident on her own, she doesn’t steal the show.  Instead, she brings out the best in you and makes you feel more confident and generally good about yourself. 

Your sweater BFFs are garments  you will want to have forever.  They fit you perfectly and flatter your shape.  They are made of quality fibers that feel good on your body.  They’re in a beautiful color that flatters your skin and makes you happy when you wear them.  You can dress them up or dress them down.  You can wear them anywhere and with anything – from jeans to dress skirts.  Putting them on makes you feel more confident, and brings out the very best in you. 

A sweater BFF is NOT boring or bland.  When you set out to knit a garment, don’t settle for some drab color that you hate but choose because you think it goes with everything.  Your sweater BFFs have to go with your taste, your lifestyle, and your existing wardrobe.  In the same way that a fairly quiet person is often BFFs with a very outgoing person, your sweater BFFs need to work with and balance your wardrobe.  For example, I wear mostly solid and very basic slacks and tops, so I often choose one of Noro’s interesting colorways to add some excitement and fun to my wardrobe.  If they’re not Noro, my BFFs tend to be pink or aqua, both of which are very flattering to my complexion and just make me happy. 

So as you select your next project, take some time to really consider what fibers you want to wear as well as which ones are a joy to knit.  Consider the colors that liven your skin and bring out the shade of your eyes.  Think about styles that are unfussy and easy to wear.  You’ll find that if you allow yourself to choose what you love, and knit what flatters, every sweater you knit will be a BFF, and you’ll have a hard time choosing which one to wear every morning.

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