Touch Me for Valentine’s Day

I mentioned the Minimum Scarf in the newsletter this week and thought you might want to see it.  I’ve knit several of these, but most have been gifts, so only these two remain in my wardrobe.  The blue one is three skeins, and it fits just around my neck with a nice little pin.  The burgundy one is four skeins and can be tied loosely or pinned.  It’s an easy knit – just garter stitch – here’s the pattern:

Using a size 8 needle, cast on 32 stitches
Knit every row until you have only a yard of yarn remaining
Bind off.

Wash in the machine and tumble dry in the dryer for that velvety texture.

One note – this yarn has a tendency to get twisted up as you knit from it.  Keep an eye out for kinks in the yarn, and let it hang to unwind as needed. 

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