TNNA’s first arrivals

When I got to the shop today, my wonderful neighbors at Heritage Printing had received all kinds of goodies for me.
Some of the boxes are old favorites, like Touch Me, in fab new colors, and some are books, new and old, but one of these boxes holds a special treat– Cherry Tree Hill’s hand-dyed Louet Gems.

Fiber artist, Cheryl Potter, applied brilliant colors using a deft hand to paint each skein with a very short color repeat. This technique give the finished fabric an wonderfully colorful effect without a hint of striping or pooling. Each skein of this stuff is a tiny treasure. My favorite colorway:

The yarn itself is 100% superwash lustrous merino, spun to be highly elastic, keeping your knitted garments in perfect shape wear after wear. This yarn is perfect for socks, but it’s perfect for lots of other things too – like Sally Melville’s brand new Crossover Rib Top, which takes only 5 skeins – and Sally herself she says is the most flattering garment you will ever wear.

Or, you could knit socks.

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