The vest…

You all probably remember the fabulous vest I knitted for my youngest about two years ago. Lovingly chose several yarns and offered him his pick. He selected the green and was very excited about Mommy knitting something just for him. Cables, buttonholes, edging, and hundreds of picked up stitches later, I present the fabulous vest to my darling son. He won’t even try it on. WHAT??? I want to throttle him. My husband, sensing my dismay, cajoles the boy into promising that he’ll wear the vest tomorrow. Do you think he wore the vest tomorrow? Well, of course not. And over the months that the vest languished in the back of his drawer, I would mention it to him and he would say, “I’ll wear it next winter.” I swear that boy is going to grow up to be a politician.

So Thursday, the day before his kindergarten class Easter pageant, I pulled the vest out and said, “Here is the vest Mommy made you. Would you just put it on just once so that I can see you in it before I die?” So he did. And you know what he said? He said, “Hey I LOVE this vest!” So I said, “You can wear it tomorrow.”

Which he did.
All is forgiven.

4 thoughts on “The vest…

  1. Hi Ellen,
    Your son is so cute and the vest is handsome. This comment has to do with the Horndal scarf you posted in 2006.I, too, have made this scarf (although in the colors and yarn used in the Noro book); everytime I wear it, the scarf draws compliments. I have an aunt who is particularly fond of the scarf, so I wanted to surprise her. She wears lots of blue, so I thought the color scheme you used would be especially nice for her. Do you recall the colors you used? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

  2. Thank you! He’s a lot of fun. I left you a comment regarding the Horndal scarf on that post. I don’t have the scarf anymore, but I do know that I used the blue and brown Blossom and Silk Garden in a shade of blue and brown. Have a look at what your LYS has in stock and just have fun with it!

  3. Hi Sandy! LYS means local yarn store. I don’t know if there’s a local yarn shop where you live, but if not, give me a call at the shop (301-475-2744)and we’ll get you fixed up. The Blossom is on 40% off!

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