The prodigal yarn

I never really appreciated the story of the prodigal son. I was a fairly well-behaved child; I did what was expected of me and never got into too much trouble. So the idea that a brother who shirked his responsibility and skipped town would get a great big party when he deigned to come home, always seemed really unfair. I’ve heard lots of sermons on the topic, and it still irks me. However, in light of recent events, I might be able to understand the joy and delight of something that had been lost. Like my stupid yarn.

Granted, the yarn didn’t walk off by itself, but I’m sure it was tempted plenty of times. This Faith Jacket is worked in La Boheme, Jamaican Spice, with the most gorgeous shades of purple cinnamon, burgundy, and black. The colors melt into one another in a very pleasing way. The rayon boucle and mohair compliment each other off perfectly, and the effect is quite spectacular. Enter black silk yarn. The purpose of the black silk is to provide a contrast and relief from the multi-color strips. And I never thought too much about it – until Saturday morning when I couldn’t find it. By Sunday I was obsessing, and by Monday I could think of little else. Even the lovely La Boheme couldn’t cheer me up. So, when I found the silk Tuesday, I was thrilled. It is cause for celebration. Come Friday morning and we’ll have a party for the prodigal yarn.

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  1. don’t worry about your forgetfulness–I was just reading a book about how it’s a very typical thing when you near your menopause years!

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