The beautiful bags are here

The beautiful bags that Ginni and I ordered at TNNA arrived, and they are even more beautiful than I remembered.  The workmanship in these bags is tremendous– spectacular fabric, immaculate finishing, and complete attention to detail.   Here are a few of the different shapes and sizes. 

 This is the smallest size.  It’s about 13″ wide and 6″ high.  

Here I am holding it to give you a sense of scale

This one is pretty much standard tote bag size, with a zippered top. Chic fabric combination and convenient proportions make it our most popular bag.

The largest of the bags is generous for a weekend getaway – or to carry all you projects in case you just can’t decide which one you’ll want to work on or how many you’ll need!  It’s too large for an airline carrry-on bag, but it’s perfect for a weekend getaway.  How chic you’ll feel pulling that one out of the car! 

And finally, these adorable open totes.  with pockets all around inside and out, they’re you’re go-to project container. 

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