Sock U – the details

 Sock University – or Sock-U for short, is Crazy for Ewe’s 12 week program for taking you from sock novice to sock pro.  Taught by super sock expert, Jenny May, Sock U is a carefully constructed program for knitters interested in developing their sock knitting skills and increasing their understanding of the sock construction process. 

Session 1: At Sock U, you’ll start at the very beginning with the very basics – a cuff-down sock worked in worsted weight yarn using the Magic Loop technique.  You can certainly use double pointed needles if you prefer, but we’re pretty sure you’ll prefer using circulars once you try it!

Session 2: You’ll continue developing skills as you work socks using fingering weight yarn on comparably sized-needles (0, 1 or 2 depending on gauge), still working from the top down.

Session 3: After you’ve gotten comfortable exploring the top-down techniques, you’ll learn to knit socks from the toe up. This method has several advantages over the top down method that will be discussed in class. The tricky bits of toe up are the cast on and the switch from shaping through decreases to shaping through increases. Not to worry, though, we’ll guide you through it all.

In Session 4, once you’ve got the toe-up process, you’ll move on to knitting socks two at a time from the toe-up. Want to know the best thing about two at a time socks? Once you are done, you are done! No second-sock syndrome (def: the dread of casting on and knitting a second sock after completing the first!)

When you graduate from Sock U, you’ll feel confident knitting any socks you like. You’ll be free from any angst and anxiety about socks for any feet.  You will know which method you prefer and you’ll feel confident in your ability to alter toe-up patterns to top-down process and vice versa. You will fully understand the magic of “turning the heel”, and even be ready to design your own socks if you want. Look out world!

Sock U takes place over several months, and each Session will comprise 3 class meetings with weekly homework to ready you and your sock for the instructions to be given at the next class.  You can join jump in anywhere you feel ready.

What do you need to know and be able to do to participate? You must be comfortable with casting on, knitting, purling and reading knitting directions. Experience with SSK and K2tog will be helpful as well, but not required.

** In case you’re wondering (but are too polite to ask) what makes Jenny a sock expert.  Well, let’s start with the fact that she churns out an average of 4 pairs of sock a month – that’s nearly 50 pairs a year – every year.  She has done cuff down, toe up,  4 needles, 5 needles, magic loop, two circs, and two at time.  (Her favorite is toe up, on two circs.)  Additionally, Jenny has taught knitting to lots and lots of people including large numbers of home-school students – so she’s infinitely patient, as you might imagine – and so sweet.  You just can’t not like Jenny!

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