Shop Pup Farewell

Over the past year or so, many of you have been greeted, herded, nearly-tripped, leaned on, and escorted through the La Plata shop by Samantha, the very plush Shiba Inu girl who, until last evening, traveled with me pretty much everywhere.

Samantha passed away last night, just a couple of months shy of her 16th birthday. She was a wonderful companion for me, and I will miss her every day.

I want to thank all of the La Plata customers of Crazy for Ewe for all the kindness and affection you showed to Samantha. And to thank you too, for your patience and tolerance, especially in her last few months, when Samantha got tangled in your bags or knitting, or when there were sometimes indoor accidents. It meant the world to me to be able to have her with me steadily at the end of her life, and Ellen’s forbearance, and yours, made that possible. I will be forever grateful.

Let me also take this moment to say that if any of you are searching for a new veterinarian, you could not do better than to take your pets to Scott Cosenza, at Mid-County Veterinary Clinic here in LaPlata. Dr. Cosenza and his staff worked energetically and creatively to give Samantha as long and healthy a life as she could possibly have, and made her passing as quiet and gentle as any of us could hope for.

My best to you all,

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