Shop orchids and such

Several of you have commented over the past few weeks about the orchids in the shop in La Plata.  I have always had a love affair with these exotic flowers.  Although I never had much luck growing them, I couldn’t resist them in full flower.  I bought this first one at Lowes – a magnificent Phalaenopsis specimen with two arching branches of white blossoms.   When it had finally finished blooming, we put it in the front window (a western exposure) and lo and behold, it bloomed again from the existing stem.

Buoyed by this little triumph, I picked up another plant – a purple Dendrobium.  It is known to be a bit more finicky than Phals, but apparently the western exposure there in La Plata is perfect for it, as it bloomed again for me this spring.  Yeah!

It looks perfect there with the Madeline Tosh – a fitting pair, don’t you think – both so special and totally challenging to manage, but definitely worth the effort.

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