In this weeks newsletter I talk all about shimmery new yarns and I thought I’d show two that I mentioned.  Here’s Reflect in a beautiful yellow.  (did I just use beautiful and yellow in the same sentence?)  Honestly, it is a gorgeous yarn.

Pertinio is a wrapped fiber with a tiny metallic thread.  Very beautiful with a little bling.

 Here are my favorite garments in Reflect

I love the way the cables stand out in this yarn

Two takes of this garment:  one sleeveless and one with sleeves

Gorgeous wrap – I’d probably make it a little shorter and a lot wider to actually keep my shoulders warm

My top picks in Pertinio
Very Chanel

 Ginni’s pick – this is the one she’s doing for the KAL Tuesdays at 2:30

Fun – don’t you love the pink !

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