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Sure, we all love knitting heirlooms. Works of art. Gorgeous garments with every detail finessed to the uttermost.  But sometimes a knitter just wants SPEED. Started, done, Ta DA!! A cool, stylish, finished object that doesn’t take forever. And if it makes a great gift, and is absolutely top of the fashion trends, well, bring it on!  Did we mention that these babies are FAST? Lots of terrific colors, from pastels to brights to earth-tones to neutrals. Animal prints. Stripes. Even polka dots!

These scarves have already been super-popular, and many of the fibers have sold out at both shops. We didn’t think we’d be able to get more in this season, but we called around to our favorite yarn reps, and guess what?  More stock to turn into fun, fluffy, flattering, fast-fast-fast fashion scarves at lightspeed caem the very next day!  Flounce has been super popular, and was the first its type.  It was also the first to sell out – but now we have it in the best colors – this color is my favorite.  Isn’t it so fresh for summer!

We’re coming into a gift season—Mother’s Day of course, and graduations; bridal showers and baby showers always seem to pick up in spring, too. These lovely gift-ables are not only knits you can finish on a deadline (even in a single sitting!), they’re budget-friendly. For most, you can have a project’s-worth of yarn for under $30! And needle size is incredibly flexible, so needles you already have will almost always work (and if you need a pair, we’ve got plenty in stock at both stores). Several of the projects are crochet-friendly as well, so if your tool of choice is a hook, you’ll be having as much fun as your two-stick pals!

Triana’s giant loopy structure has been super-popular   

So if you need a little something light-hearted to freshen up your spring wardrobe, or you’ve got a favorite niece who’s graduating in May or June, or a best pal who could use a stylish treat, come see what’s happening at Crazy for Ewe.  So come in, pick a yarn, and we’ll get you going. If you’ve got an hour, you can leave with a finished project. Maybe two! Some of the fibers take a little longer to work with, but all are astonishingly easy and quick to complete.

Janet, a customer in Leonardtown had never knit before but finished three Triana scarves on her way home!

Thank you to Lynne who wrote most of the copy for this post.

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