Random sightings

Saturday night was not about knitting.  On a rare and much anticipated date with my DH, I was thinking about food and opera; however, some things are just inescapable.  As we stood outside the restaurant in Old Town, who should be walking down the other side of the street but Anne Hanson!  She was on her way to her hotel – which just happened to be right next to our restaurant.  I told her how excited we were for the classes this weekend.  It was great! 

Then at the Kennedy Center, I spotted a woman wearing a lovely black strapless dress, and draped across her shoulders was a lovely Spectra scarf! “I love your Spectra!” I said, and she seemed genuinely pleased – it was like a secret handshake between knitters.  We didn’t have much time to chat, because they were bong bonging us all to take our seats, but it really made my day.  Two fabulous and unexpected knitting-related events in one evening – what fun! 

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