Our FABULOUS Hospice tree

Sunday morning, Robinette, Laura, Martha, and I gathered at the Jaycee Hall in Waldorf to decorate our Charles County Hospice tree. We pulled out all the little sheep that we’d knitted at the Sunday sessions last month and tied tiny ribbons around their little necks to make them look festive.

Then we made bows out of the tartan ribbon and wired them to the branches too.

A little more glitz was required, so Martha wired some gold eucalyptus in and strung some gold eyelash yarn – who’d have thought it would be so perfect!

But what to do for a topper? The trees that the garden clubs, florists, and various other semi-professionals were just amazing. We pondered this for quite a while. An angel sheep? A giant bagpipe? What would be appropriate? Then Martha had a brain flash and rolled up the golden I-cord into a giant ball of yarn. Robinette held it in place while we wired it to the top of the tree.

and voila!

Thank you to the fabulous Crazy for Ewe Hospice Tree Team. I’m really delighted with the way this tree turned out. It’s warm without being too homespun looking, professional without looking too commercial, and really representative of the shop.

And thank you to Martha, for everything you do to make La Plata so fabulous!

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