October February Lady

Ever since Joanne came in the shop with her February Lady sweater knit up in Malabrigo, I’ve been obsession about it. Then Nicole, (aka Leonardtown’s most prolific knitter) saw the blog entry on Joanne’s sweater and decided she’d make one too. Here she is modeling hers knit in the beautiful Schaefer Laurel.

This photo was taken Friday, and several others lusted after it too. You know how this kind of thing spreads like wildfire – in about two seconds, every knitter you know is making one, and you just have to have one too. That’s how I’m feeling. I’m still really jazzed about the alternate garter ridge combination of Noro and a luxe solid (a la Gloria), so I’m planning a combination of Silk Garden and Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk for mine.

In case you still need convincing, let me extol the virtues of the February Lady:

  • It’s a free pattern
  • It’s knit all in the round so there’s no finishing
  • There’s lots of opportunity to mix color, throw in an accent yarn, or play with texture
  • The body is an easy pattern that’s just interesting enough to keep you from getting bored.
  • It flatters every single person who wears it – short or tall, young or old, slim or curvy (don’t believe me? Just check out all the different shapes and sizes knit on Ravelry)
  • We’re offering a free project class to get you started.

If you missed out on the Fit and Finish class, this is the perfect opportunity to knit up a sweater for this season – It’s so quick and easy you can be wearing it before Thanksgiving!

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