Not your average beginner…

First time I met Stephanie, she was a dedicated crocheter – she came into Leonardtown for some yarn for various projects. She crocheted the felted hat in Kureyon – her own pattern, I think. Anyway, she fell in love with the Noro shrug model we had, but it’s knit. I told her she could probably duplicate it in crochet, but she said she’d give the knitting a shot. You can imagine my delight when she showed up not very long after that with the whole thing completed. While it’s a fairly simple lace pattern, it’s still lace, for pete’s sake–and it’s her first project!

Next project was this cabled sweater from The Third Sublime Aran book in Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk. Luscious fabric, and a fabulous job, Stephanie…what’s on your needles next?

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