Needle Felting. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Hi to all from Little Sheep! See me cuddled up to another of the 12 Gifts of Christmas? It’s an eyeglass case—a super-quick and easy project that takes just one skein of Shepherd’s Wool (only $10.25, my pal Martha tells me). In fact, you can get FOUR cases this size from that one skein, or THREE cases if you need something bigger for those uptown-chic Jackie O-style oversized shades.

But the fun-fun-fun part is decorating your cases after they’re felted! For the simple little abstract bouquet design you see here, Lynne used one-ply strands from some green wool for the stems, and rolled little snippets of wool and mohair from a couple of hand-dyed leftovers for the blooms. Ellen ordered some very nice pen-style needle holders so needling in the fibers is fast and comfortable. The top edging is just a strand of hand-dyed yarn in colors that match the flowers.
There’s a class in needle felting coming up soon, for folks who are making the adorable felted clogs. And I just wanted you to see what a pretty result you can get with this super easy and fun technique. Give it a try, and I know you’ll like it as much as Lynne does!
Hope to see you at the shop! (There are two of us. I’m the cute one. Baaa. 😉

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