My snowed in project

There’s not much to do when you’re snowed in and the cable and internet are both out. I spent much of Saturday and Sunday knitting and watching movies, and it was really quite pleasant. Elizabeth had gotten a copy of The Red Violin, and we’d been waiting for a time when we could watch it together. SInce it’s a foreign film with subtitles, I needed something I could knit without looking – it certianly wasn’t going to be my Eastscarf. Then I remembered that my youngest had been asking me for a hat since before Christmas. He had picked out a lovely turquoise Shepherd’s Wool and we’d wound it into a pull skein. It had been sitting in my knitting bag for two months now, and here was the perfect opportunity! So I cast on around noon, and by Superbowl halftime, it was done.

1 skein Shepherd’s Wool – $10

1 copy of The Red Violin – $28

Colton wearing his hat all day playing in the snow – priceless.

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