Movie night

My husband and I are huge fans of Clint Eastwood, and we’ve been introducing his old movies to the kids. Okay, so they’re not exactly high intellect, but they’re fun and they’re part of our family culture. We started with some really old ones: Every Which Way but Loose and Any Which Way You Can. These are the ones where really young Clint plays a street fighter who owns a gorilla named Clyde. The kids think they’re hilarious. For me, they’re a fun way to spend a few hours with everyone together enjoying themselves – and I get to knit.

We’ve seen Heartbreak Ridge, Grand Torino, Dirty Harry, and tonight we watched about an hours worth of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I finished my Adult Surprise Jacket, and even wove in the ends. I LOVE the way it turned out. I had admired the cropped version Erica did, and I’m pleased that mine came out the same size. I wanted something really colorful for summer, that I could just throw on over a cami and go. Noro Taiyo, is just the perfect fiber – a terrific blend of cotton and silk. I’ll try to get photos tomorrow.

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