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I am here! I am typing to you from the fishbowl. It’s an inlaid marble building wish fish, mermaids, etc. all over it (kind of tacky) and it is on a huge manmade lake, and it serves as the internet cafe and gym. It is hot(100 or so), but nothing like Kuwait–and at least
there are palm trees and a bit of green. I am in my trailer (a third of a trailer) and its a little like college. When we arrived at the airport (on a C-130) there was gunfire in the distance, and my friend insists he heard mortar fire this morning, but I think its been pretty quiet here. It is very nice on our little portion of the base (alright I’ve only been here about 8 hours). The palace I will be working at was the brothel for Saddam’s sons. One of my friends from the past month will be working in Saddam’s bedroom. I told her I have to get over there to see it. (She is about 10 minutes away). I am about to go over to the PX to buy a holster ( I seem to be buying a little something every day) and from what I’ve heard, the PX is pretty well stocked – it is very civilized here. (another reason this war is disjointed and surreal). I did finish my jitterbug socks in Norfolk and so I will be needing some sock yarn… I will be able to call and place an order (and chat) soon. Today we will be checking in and so I should have an address and all very soon. I’m a little nervous, the guy who picked me up from the airport said they saw that I had a journalism background so they are going to put me to work writing some high level stuff…

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