Michele’s Multnomah

Michele first mentioned this project back in August when we had a staff meeting about fall projects.  We agreed that it would be fabulous in Dream in Color Starry, and indeed it is.  Michele said she struggled with this pattern a bit, but as you can see, she completely mastered it.  Here is the whole thing blocking beautifully on the board.  Notice how the pins pull the edges into lovely points. 
Close up of the points along the bottom

and at the edge

I didn’t get a good shot of Michele sporting her lovely Multnomah, but let me just say that she was basking in the afterglow for some time after finishing.  Join us Thursday evenings 6-9 in La Plata to knit your very own.  Get the pattern here and come to the shop for a lovely time after work – we’ll be open every Thursday in La Plata for at least the fall and winter season for shopping and small shawl knitting.  What a great way to start the weekend early!

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