Manos del Uruguy

Look at what we got!

Here are a few of the gorgeous colors of Manos that arrived last week. We got multis and coordinating solids in really rich shades. Here’s the perfect pattern for the Manos — The Faith Jacket.

This is the one that you can make even if you’ve only ever knitted a scarf! See how gorgeous it is in the brown multi and solid. We’re having a class on this one September 2nd and 16th. Rember that if you take the class, you get 10% off the yarn for the project!

One thought on “Manos del Uruguy

  1. Hi, Ellen! I’ve used Manos before to make some mittens. It’s really beautiful yarn! So glad you’ll be carrying it.

    And thanks so much for your help the other week with the Skacel circs. I discovered I was actually using a 24″ (not a 29″) so the 32″ was perfect.

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