Luxury doesn’t grow on trees

  Fabulous projects don’t just fall out of the sky – it might seem as if they do, but it can be tricky to find the right project for the right yarn.  Certainly, plenty of wonderful yarns look great in the simplest of patterns, but to really get the best out of a yarn can take some effort.  It’s also true that some yarns just don’t jump off the shelf at you – it takes a little extra effort to bring out the wonderfulness that lies within.  Noro Shiraito is exactly that kind of yarn.  Lots of potential – I mean it is 45% cashmere, after all, but from just seeing it in the skein it’s hard to imagine how it will work up. 

The key with any yarn is to find the project where it can do what it does best.  Shiraito is a gorgeous luxury blend that is ideal worked in a smooth stitch that allows you to create a luscious fabric and appreciate the softness of the fibers.  The pattern needs to be simple so that Noro colors can take center stage. 

Lynne made several swatches until she hit on one that is perfect for Shiraito.  The stitch pattern is a simple one-row repeat that looks like ribbing but doesn’t require any purling.  The finishing touch for Shiraito is a little bath in some warm water and Eucalan because it turns the fabric from simply lovely to sinfully luxurious.  Two skeins makes a generous scarf that’s decadent to knit and luxurious to wear.  Get some today, because yarn this great doesn’t grow on trees!

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