Lantern Moon promotion – Indulge yourself!

We received a huge shipment of great new toys from Lantern Moon – flower tape measures in three great colors. 

We got these adorable little bumble bees and the new brown lambs as well.  Aren’t they both just too cute!


We also re-stocked our favorite Lantern Moon Ebony and Rosewood straight needles. If you’ve never used Lantern Moons, then you’re really missing a wonderful knitting treat. Our regular straight Brittany needles are very nice, serviceable, high-quality needles, but

as I often say, Brittany’s are the Toyota of needles: Lantern Moons are the Lexus.  We think you deserve a little luxury in your knitting life, and we would love for you to try working with Lantern Moon needles, so through the end of May, we’re offering a special promotion.  Purchase a Lantern Moon tape measure and get 15% off any pair of Lantern Moon straight needles.  Stock up – these little One needle discount per tape measure purchase. 

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