Just a typical Tuesday

It started out like a normal Tuesday in Leonardtown – I’m late opening the shop. But this time I have an excuse. I had to bring Dorey in with me. For those of you who don’t know Dorey, she’s about 85 pounds of fluff and bounce, and not exactly a perfect yarn shop pet. Although, I don’t know, she is a sheep dog.

Dorey greeted everyone very warmly, and I’m pleased to report that she did not piddle on the floor despite her excitement at the arrival of Becky and Beth. Becky modeled her gorgeous Petra jacket (looks great), and Beth selected a beautiful palette of navy and lime for her Symphony Jacket.

Ginni arrived looking very glam in her Misbehavin’ vest. I couldn’t get a good shot of her because she was talking on the phone and winding Barbara’s yarn for her Symphony Jacket.

The UPS guy who brought the new Sally Melville book was quite a challenge for Dorey, as he was busy with a large hand truck laden with more goodies from Lantern Moon and new cases from Della Q. There is a case for circulars, straights, and accoutrements:

There is a case exclusively for circulars – striped on the outside,
and very functional on the inside

And at last there is a manageable case for your interchangeable needle sets, which are quite beautiful and perfect for my addi clicks. I wonder if Ginni already sold the pink one…

My DH, Bill came in around 4:15 and took Dorey down to lacross practice with the boys. All in all, it was an exhausting day – even for a puppy.

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