It’s like psychedelic man – teleidoscopes are here

I wish I could photograph the cool images you get looking through these things. These clever little tubes take a single image and reflects it into an amazing repeating pattern. And why, you ask, would anyone want to do that, and why would these optical devices be offered at a yarn store? As those of you who took Sally’s color workshop already know, a teleidoscope is an ideal way to see how three or four colors would look in a Fair Isle design, or any kind of design. Plus, they’re just plain fun. So, if you’re thinking about combining some of your stash yarns together into a wonderful woven design, check the whole combination out through a teleidoscope and see how fabulous it will look. Plus, they’re just plain fun. If you have kids around, you might want to grab an extra one or two, or else you may never be able to find yours when you need it for actual knitting design.

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