How now knit cowl

Cowls are the new scarf. No fussy tying maneuvers, no worrying about whether it’s long enough or too long – just pull it on over your head and go. There have been many offerings from lots of sources; some are nice, others not so much. while I was surfing Ravelry this morning, I came across this cowl pattern that I think is utterly fabulous. Worked on a size 8 needle, it would be perfect in Elsebeth Lavold’s super-soft Baby Llama. Llama’s produce a hollow fiber, so it is both lighter and warmer than wool. Another benefit of llama fiber is that it contains no lanolin, so it’s excellent for anyone sensitive to wool.

This is a free pattern available here. Come pick out 5 skeins Baby Llama and we’ll help you get started.

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