Hot off the loom

Nicole came in to share her very first weaving project.  

Here’s a peek at what she’s planning to weave next.


Thursday afternoon  my computer crashed and Bill agreed to come in after dinner and fix it.  For some reason Johnny and Colton wanted to come along (perhaps they knew that the new ice cream store in town was probably open).  After the ice cream (I highly recommend the cappuccino crunch) and admiring the 100+ crayon colors

they wanted to try the loom.  I mean, they really wanted to do it.  Johnny especially. He did a great job.

Then Colton wanted to try. See how easy this is!

Johnny and Colton were co-oerced into

One thought on “Hot off the loom

  1. Wow, it is neat to get the boys involved. Mitchell says he wants to learn to knit. I hope it lasts until he’s old enough!


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