Horndal scarf

I love this scarf. It’s alternating sections of Kureyon in garter stitch and Blossom in 2×2 ribbing. I decided to do it in silk garden and blossom instead of Kureyon and Blossom. It would also be great in a mix of the Nantucket (silk-mohair boucle) and Homespun (silk-wool single ply) from Ellyn Cooper.

4 thoughts on “Horndal scarf

  1. I’m working on this scarf right now as a Christmas present for someone. I’m using all Kureyon though because my LYS didn’t have Blossom. Are you finished with it? Do you like it?

  2. Ellen
    I too have knitted the Horndal scarf; I get compliments everytime I wear it. I made it with the colors recommended in the Noro book. But, I love the colors in the sample pic you posted. Do you, by chance, recall what colors you used? I have an aunt who gushed over my scarf, and I’d like to surprise her with one. She wears lots of blue, so I thought she’d be especially pleased with the scarf in your color scheme.
    Thanks Ellen,
    Sandy Gates

  3. I do like it. I don’t have it in the shop anymore because a good friend who’s an Episcopal priest liked it so much I gave it to him. He’s going to wear it as a Lenten pastoral stole.

  4. Hi Sandy,

    It’s a great pattern. The Noro colors all seem to go together somehow – particularly if you don’t decide too early whether or not they work. Blossom has actually been discontinued, but there’s another boucle-type Noro yarn called Nidji that will work. We’ve done this scarf in Ellyn Cooper’s mohair and silk boucle (Nantucket) combined with her Merino-Mohair worsted (Texas Bighorn), and it’s quite lovely. You can really do anything you like and it turns out beautifully. Do you have a LYS near you where you can see a variety of textures in complementary colors? If so, you should definitely go check it out. If not, I have Blossom on clearance 40% off. Call the shop if you’re interested.

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