Holiday fun in La Plata

We had a great turnout for out Wednesday night party in La Plata. There was enough food for an army, and we all gorged ourselves quite thoroughly.

After the food, we took turns choosing and stealing yarn from the pile. It was much more courteous than I’ve seen in other years.

It was great to have new Crazy for Ewe friends (like Christie) as well as lots of long time friends at the party. Ginni made the trek up from St. Mary’s County, and Holly came all the way from Calvert. We’re so glad you did.

Had to edit the post to add this picture of Christie stealing Lynne’s bag – she knows what to do!

We stayed and chatted and drank tons of Lynne’s amazing pink cocktail, and had a really wonderful time. I almost hated to have to go home. Traci suggested a slumber party, but I didn’t have my PJs. Maybe we’ll have to plan one in the new year. Any one have a couple dozen air mattresses?

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