We received fabulous new colors of Hempathy for spring  I love Hempathy.  It’s not shiny or silky or sparkly.  It doesn’t call out from the shelf, “Hey – look at me! I’m fun and shiny and fabulous – let’s have a party!”

Hempathy is more shy and reserved than that. Hempathy is the kind of yarn that’s there for you year after year after year. It’s a great fiber for layering pieces. A shell in Hempathy is terrific under a suit, over a blouse, or on its own in the summer when it’s too hot to  get dressed at all.  You never get tired of a Hempathy garment, and it will never let you down.  Easy and comfortable to wear, is washes up like a dream and even dries in the dryer.

Hempathy is not a party girl.  She’s like the kind of girl everyone

 I’m lovely    It’s just subtle and classic.  jumps off the shelf

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