Gloria Cardigan

I never posted a photo of this, but it’s one of my favorites. Designed by Jane Ellison for Noro, this cardi uses two heavy worsted weight yarns. I used Aurora 8 for the main body and mixed it with silk garden for the sleeves and body top. It fits great, and it was fun to knit. One word of caution I always give is to hold the pieces up to measure them. The top of the body is worked in garter stitch, which has a tendency to stretch, so if you measure the pieces on a flat surface, they will likely be too long when you wear them. Plus the sleeves are extra long anyway.

One thought on “Gloria Cardigan

  1. Hi, Ellen!

    As you know, I have my lovely Aurora 8 (black) and Cashmere Island (purple/teal/green) stashed to make this gorgeous sweater! I am sure I have oodles too much yarn, because I bought it about 80 pounds ago, but I’ll find something to make. I had already knitted the “test” scarf, and I love the scarf. It is so soft and wonderful, that I always think about knitting Gloria when I wear it! 🙂 I’m going to have to go on a trip. (I always have more knitting time on the road!)

    Happy Knitting!
    Lisa Kay

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