From the sublime to the ridiculous

First the sublime…

It is the lovely Amanda in a gorgeous shell she knit using Sublime Merino Silk DK.  Beautiful job knitting, Amanda –  and what a great fit!  Looks like it was made for you.  oh yeah…it was…my bad.

And now for the ridiculous


Susie brought this thing in, and no one can figure out what it is, or was, or might be.  There were lots of suggestions: and umbrella stand (too tippy and no where to catch the drips), a server (uh…you would have to tilt the plates to get them in, thus dumping their contents off), TP holder (but the bottom roll would sit on the floor).  After much conjecture, Giovanna quietly came up with the answer.  In her lovely understated way, she said, “I know what it is…it’s trash.” If anyone knows what its actual purpose is, please comment on the blog. 

You can say a lot of things about Wednesday nights in Leonardtown, but you can never say that they are dull. 

One thought on “From the sublime to the ridiculous

  1. It’s a CD holder! I had one just like it years ago. The larger side is the side you slide the CD’s in and you leave the edge that has the CD title and everything. It doesn’t hold many CD’s but it works. Hope that helps!

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