From Runway to Your Way

This was the topic from the February 20th newsletter.  Several of you have asked for it again, so I thought I’d post it here.

It’s interesting to think about what business we’re really in. Every time I have to fill out a retail business form it lists me as “craft/hobby”. Craft/Hobby? Really? I so don’t think so. The hand-knitting business lies smack in the middle of the fashion industry. The textures and colors shown on the runways of Paris, New York and Milan translate directly into the skeins you fondle on the shelves at Crazy for Ewe. How can this be? Well, it all starts in Florence, Italy at Pitti Filati where they showcase all the new yarns from the Italian mills. Pitti Filati is a research lab that tracks and interprets global lifestyle trends and translates them into new yarns that influence and direct fashion knitwear all over the world. More than 4000 buyers, designers, and executives for major fashion brands come to Florence twice each year to see what’s new, get inspired, and choose materials for their season’s collection. Pretty heady stuff, huh!

Vogue Knitting does an excellent job of helping knitters see that movement from runway to project, with garments by real life ready-to-wear designers. But there’s more to it–you can actually see how runway looks are interpreted in hand-knitting yarns on the shelves. For instance, a major theme across many of the Paris Spring 2012 fashion shows is “Underwater”.

Chanel’s Spring 2012 “Underwater” show
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 The fabrics are subtly reflective and shimmery – like creatures under the sea. This theme runs through many of the shows, and we see it in several of our new spring yarns. First is Reflect, a cotton blend yarn with glistening rayon filament. Reflect is an elegant yarn with a smooth silky hand that knits up into a subtle, luminous fabric with fabulous drape. Next is Captiva, a soft cotton fiber wrapped with an iridescent strand that shimmers like a mermaid’s tail. Pertinio, is constructed much like Captiva, with the addition of an elegant metallic strand running through it. All three yarns come in a gorgeous palette of rich neutrals, well as stylish watery shades, and fun brights. I can see any of these three yarns in beautiful warm weather cardigans, flowing wraps, or dressy summer tops. Come by the shop, choose your favorite shimmery yarn and bring a little Paris runway to your wardrobe this spring.

Ginni is starting a knit-along for this lacy top in Pertino – it’s an easy 4 row lace pattern that looks much harder. Begins Tuesday, Feb 28th at 2:30 in Leonardtown.

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