Crayon Box Jacket update

I’ve been keeping up with my New Year’s commitment to work a square a day on the Crayon Box Jacket. You can see that here it is the 16th of January, and I have 16 more squares than I did before! I’m really enjoying the way this thing comes together a little at a time. I’ve added an extra row of squares across the bottom because my gauge is a smidge tight and I want to be sure it’s long enough. So far so good.

Here’s a look at Cleo, my favorite problem child yarn in this jacket – Cleo from GGH/Muench. Beautiful, but temperamental.

Here’s Cate:

I doubt if anyone remembers this project that I started back in the summer, and I actually finished in August at the beach, but I just never remember to take a photo of it, so here is Cate! It reminds me how much I love Giotto Ribbon!

There’s a new pattern from Berroco for a wrap-tie sweater in the fabulous Ultra Alpaca Here’s a photo. Isn’t it cute!

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