Color trends

Had a customer in the other day who asked me what the colors for fall were, and I realized that I hadn’t put this out for 2011.  So, here they are:

Does this mean that you can only wear these colors and everything else is out?  Of course not, but these are the it colors, and a little splash of them can update your wardrobe in an instant.  So, pick a shade that speaks to you, your skin tone, and your existing wardrobe and whip up a little scarf or shawlette.  Like that deep teal? Consider doing a Citron in Dream In Color Starry in Bermuda Teal.
That Honeysuckle (yeah, it’s pink!) is gorgeous, and Dream in Color has captured it in this colorway which even has a little phlox tossed in. 
There are lots more in the shop – come get something fresh!

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