After moving into that fab new space in La Plata, I was a little down about the Leonardtown shop. I was having gridwall envy – the silks and sparklies in La Plata are gorgeous hanging up on the wall where you can really see and appreciate their beauty. In Leonardtown we have them in the glass cubes, which had originally seemed like an elegant place to put them, but now it just seems blah.

Also, La Plata seemed more open and inviting with that low bookcase at the front. In Leonardtown we have a nearly 5 foot tall wall of glass cubes accosting you when you walk in the door. I was whining about all this a couple weeks ago when Carrie and Christine were in, so we brainstormed a bit and came up with a plan. First, I got rid of that behemoth of a rack that dominated the front corner of the shop. Thank you, Carrie, for taking that home. I’m sure it’s much happier now, in your home studio.

I had ordered a bunch of extra gridwall when we moved, as we just weren’t sure exactly what we’d need in the new space, so I had the gridwall but no place to put it – the front of the shop is all windows, and there’s an 8-inch ledge beneath the windows. There seemed to be no way to mount the gridwall there.

Ginni was in the following Tuesday, and we brainstormed some more and decided that we could stand the gridwall on the window ledge as long as we braced it somehow to keep it from tipping over and killing some unsuspecting soul. I ordered some hardware and roped my DH into some manual labor, and we now have a three-panel display in front of the left window.

But what to do with the glass cubes that make the shop look so closed in? After we hung the yarn, Ginni and I decided to just take down the top tier of the cubes. Now when someone comes in the door, they can see the whole shop and we can greet them more easily.

You wouldn’t necessarily even notice the specific changes, but there is definitely a new feel to the Leonardtown shop. Come see.

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