Sugar is sweet

Nicole was in this morning and showed off her latest finished object, And so are You.  This shawl is part of a series of designs by Rose Beck.  It’s an especially nice pattern because the crescent shape allows you to get a shawl that’s nice and wide without being too long.  This one is wide enough for Nicole to wear around her shoulders
but not too big to wear up close as more of a scarf.  Great job, Nicole!

Mary’s Magnificent Thorn

Mary finished her Thorn the other day.  She sent me a quick photo of it just off her needles, but that picture couldn’t begin to show how amazing Thorn looks as worn!  Wow!  What an elegant shape!  
Sometimes things that look as dramatic as this are fiddly and difficult to wear, but this is an example of a perfect marriage of form and function.  The tapered wing shape give you great coverage over the shoulders and across the back with a narrow and  manageable end to toss over your shoulder.  Is there a more perfect excuse for a gorgeous Jul pearl pin!

Thorn is the kind of wrap that just makes you feel elegant and pulled-together, whether you’re dressed for the day in a suit, or running to the store in jeans and a turtleneck.  The fabric is ideal for this time of year as well as into the spring – light and warm and just enough.
Thorn takes just two skeins of fabulous Galler Prime Alpaca – a lovely heather yarn with terrific drape and an amazing hand.  Great colors too.   Which one should I choose?  There is that beautiful hot pink…


I was in the Leonardtown shop the other morning chatting with Mary, aka, the amazing hand-knitting machine.  She finds the cutest little patterns and just whips them up and brings them into the shop.  She is always working on something or other cool.  Her Thursday afternoon group is just finishing Rondelay , a beautiful shawl that uses short rows to create a beautifully shaped wrap with soft curves that’s easy to wear.  It’s written for beautiful Malabrigo Sock, but you could use the new Hazel Knits Artisan Sock or Shi Bui Sock if you prefer. 

Most recently, Mary started Thorn,  a fabulous new pattern with an unusual asymmetrical shape that reminds me of a bird’s wing.

She’s using two skeins of our beautiful new Heather Prime Alpaca from Galler Yarns.   This yarn is cousin to our best selling yarn, Peruvian Tweed.  Same soft hand, same generous 600-yard hanks, beautiful rich colors. 

Get started on your own Thorn with Mary – Thursday afternoons in Leonardtown.