Beautiful Spectra

Many of you have said that the Spectra just didn’t turn you on.  I get that, and sometimes a designers vision for a piece is different from what we might have chosen if we’d designed it ourselves.  That’s part of the beauty of Ravelry – you can see how others have interpreted the pattern.  However, nothing beats seeing something in real life, right on the table, as I did when I stopped in the Leonardtown shop earlier this week.

 See how beautiful Mary’s version is with those lovely jewel tones – quite a difference, isn’t it!

Here’s a closeup of the pink section (my favorite). 

We’re doing this scarf on Thursday afternoons at the Scarf Club.  Both shops – join us!

Ruffled Roses

This little confection has always been one of my favorites, and I was so sad when I couldn’t get the yarn anymore.  I happened to wear it the other day when I met with David, my Euro Rep, and I asked him about the yarn.  He said that it simply wasn’t available, but I asked him to call the company and just make sure.   He’s such a good soul, he called right then and asked the girl to check the warehouse.  Lo and behold, there were just a few bags of three of the four colors I wanted. The yarn arrived just the other day – hooray!

The design is from the very talented Annie Modesitt, who created the pattern with two stipulations: First, it is free to any yarn shop that requests it.  Second: it cannot be transmitted electronically or posted in cyberspace – you must actually walk into a yarn shop to get a copy.  We’re happy to oblige.

The design is fun to knit.  It’s worked in two separate halves that comprise several rows of ruffles, three repeats of a little lace pattern, then ribbing.  You join the two halves with a three needle bind off at the back.  It never fails to draw compliments whenever I wear it.

We’ll be doing this pattern at the Thursday afternoon scarf club starting this week.  We have three gorgeous colors for the blossom portion.  Choose whatever you love to go with it.  Bring size 7 needles.  See you Thursday. 

Thursday afternoon scarf club – Spring 2011

In this week’s newsletter we announce the next project in our scarf journey.  We’re going to work a lovely spring scarf that you can wear all season long:  Midwest Moonlight, which is also from Scarf Style. Midwest Moonlight.  This design has tremendous appeal for a variety of reasons.  First, it’s a wonderfully open and lacy stitch pattern that is beautiful but decidedly unfussy.  Second, it’s deceptively simple to execute and very intuitive to memorize.  Finally, it’s easily scaled.  What that means is that you can make it as is (10” wide) or you can, as Lynne has done, work a longer, narrower version.  You might want to turn Midwest Moonlight into a luxurious summer shawl that will keep your shoulders warm all spring and summer, and then look chic scrunched into a cozy scarf for the fall.  Paula has done several versions of this scarf and has even turned it into a spectacular baby blanket. This stitch pattern will give you a Karate Kid kind of understanding for left-leaning and right-leaning decreases.  Knit a Midwest Moonlight, and you will never again wonder how or why to execute either variety of decrease!

 For my Midwest Moonlight, I’ve chosen Noro Aya, a lovely light worsted cotton and silk blend in really luscious colors.  Other choices would be Shirikaba, the spectacular new linen and cotton blend, or even beautiful Hempathy.  The idea is to choose a fiber you’ll be comfortable wearing in the spring and summer.  This will certainly be a go-to accessory that you’ll choose to liven up you wardrobe all summer and into the fall.  I’m very excited to get started on this.  Join us Thursday, March 24th for the kick-off.