The Glass Palette – Saturday morning

I was especially happy to be able to attend the workshop at The Glass Palette.  It’s an amazing place – part gallery, part workshop, and totally inspirational.  Marie, owner, welcomed us warmly and assured us that we all that the skills to make something beautiful even though most of us were complete and utter beginners.

We started by deciding what kind of thing we’d like to make – plate, bowl, wall hanging, jewelry – there’s no wrong answer.  Then we got to the fun part – choosing colors and playing with shapes

Betsy got busy with a palette of blues

Sigrid cleverly decided to make a set of buttons to match her orange Symphony Jacket

Everyone was totally engrossed in the process!

I can’t wait to see how everyone’s creations turn out.  Marie will fire everyone’s  masterpiece and mail them the the appropriate artist in a week or so.
It was so much fun that I decided to make two different pendants.  I was going to make one for each of my daughters, but I thought they might rather come and make one themselves!  Here are my pendants pre-firing.  

I’ll post a photo when the finished items arrive.  This was a really wonderful experience, and I will totally be back.  My mind is already buzzing with my next projects!

Friday afternoon

Arrived at the Omni and was delighted to be offered champagne and strawberries in the lobby.  Why, yes, of course, I would love some.  How very civilized.

Just what we needed to fortify us for a walk down the mall in search of lunch.  

It was late, so we opted for a very light, and somewhat un-remarkable lunch, but that’s okay because we knew what we really wanted was Splendora’s gelato.  I ordered a small, but beware the vanity sizing.  The small is big enough that you can get two flavors-not that I’m complaining.  Choclolate hazelnut and salted caramel.

In search of a little coffee shop and bakery for tomorrow morning, we happened on Cappellini’s Bakery

Not the answer to my coffee quest, but I did buy just one tiny chocolate cupcake.  

Here we are –  a coffee shop and bakery – Java Java.  Great coffee and a lovely assortment of pastries.

We wandered a bit more through the shops on the mall.  Stopped in at the used book store, the very chic   decorating store that specializes in all kinds of things I don’t need at all, but are so elegantly displayed you simply must have them.  Like this impossibly charming picnic setting.  The table cloth looks as if it’s made of stones, and you feel as though you might have a few of the wee folk joining you at any moment.

Then it was back to the lovely Omni for cocktails and dinner.  

Charlottesville bound – indulging my orchid passion

Last night’s weather in Charlottesville was 29 and sleeting, but sunny blue skies and 58 greeted me as I drove through beautiful Virginia countryside.

 As I came up one of the beautifully rolling hills I saw this sign, and my heart did a little dance.  

As I parked, I met this lovely lady who was bringing her orchids in for a spa day. 

Walking through the greenhouse door was simply magical.  A boutique greenhouse with every imaginable orchid and a wonderfully gracious hostess, Janet, who was kind enough to give me a tour of her amazing blooming wonderland. 

I wish I could share with you the glorious sights (and fragrances), but alas, no photography allowed.  You can, however, visit the website and facebook page to see her blooms.

I would love to have taken home one of each, but I decided to try just a pair of burgundy Oncidiums which Janet said she would keep safe for me until I picked them up on my way back.  She did let me snap a quick photo of my prize so I could share them with you.

 It was such an unexpected treat to find this little jewel – just the kind of thing you hope to happen upon but rarely do.  Now that I know it’s here, I will come again.