Sugar is sweet

Nicole was in this morning and showed off her latest finished object, And so are You.  This shawl is part of a series of designs by Rose Beck.  It’s an especially nice pattern because the crescent shape allows you to get a shawl that’s nice and wide without being too long.  This one is wide enough for Nicole to wear around her shoulders
but not too big to wear up close as more of a scarf.  Great job, Nicole!

Adrift with Anne

The very lovely Anne Boone finished her Adrift last week in Galler’s Heather Prime alpaca.  This was lovely right of the needles, but a nice firm hand in the blocking really opened the fabric up and smoothed the edges out beautifully. 

It looks great on the mannequin, but lots of things look great on the mannequin, so it was good to have a chance to see Anne come in and put it on post-blocking.

A little jushzing to get the shoulders just right

And voilà – so lovely.  Great job Anne! 
It’s even more attractive on you than it is on the mannequin!

Go Barbara!

You may have read that the very lovely Barbara Bershon was just appointed to the position of Executive Director of the Maryland State Arts Council.  Barbara has been a tremendous asset to Southern Maryland.  Among her accomplishments is the tremendous success of the Chesapeake Chamber Orchestra and the River Concert Series.

But did you know that she’s also one of us?  That’s right, Barbara is a knitter, and a terrific one at that.  She did this sweet little cardi, and most recently, this intarsia sweater in beautiful Spud & Chloe. 

We’re so proud of you, Barbara–way to go!

One bite at a time

If you’ve been in the shop or reading the newsletter lately, you know that I’ve been engaged in the process of upgrading our point of sale system. It’s a huge endeavor from the initial research for the right system through the nitty gritty details of exporting data from my old POS (interesting how appropriate that acronym is in this case) to simply figuring out how to work the new one. During this time I  have been unable to focus on any knitting at all – except for my Spectra.  This project has languished for almost a year, but for these past few weeks now, I am obsessed with it!

Why?  Not sure exactly.  It’s easy to knit, but not at all boring – the short rows keep it interesting.  Plus it’s beautiful Noro, and Noro’s color progression thrills me.  Each shade fills a wedge.  Those wedges – maybe that’s it.  I do love Spectra’s orderly little wedges.  Each one has a very distinct beginning, middle, and end.    In the throes of the POS migration, a seemingly interminable task, those little wedges give me a tremendous sense of accomplishment.  I can complete an entire wedge in one sitting – a little bite out of a seemingly endless endeavor – very satisfying when other tasks loom large ahead.  Whatever the reason, my Spectra is coming along beautifully. 

It’s essential to have various projects going so that you can choose the one that suits your mood.  Some people don’t get this but knitters and crocheters totally do. This is art, and inspiration is the name of the game.  When you’re working on something and it feels like drudgery, you are not helping yourself, and your project will show it.  If this happens, stop and pick up something that feels wonderful to work. 

Nothing on your needles that excites you? Come see me –  I can totally fix that 😉