Kelmscott progress

As I told you, I decided to work the sleeves of my Kelmscott first because I seem to have sleeve issues.  I finished them earlier this week and blocked them last night.

I LOVE this yarn.  Rowan Softknit Cotton.  Exactly what it says – soft.  But not soft and droopy or soft and pilly.  This yarn is soft and bouncy.  Smooth, soft, and bouncy, it’s a pleasure to knit and makes a beautiful fabric.  We’re featuring it this week at 20% off – because I really want you to try it!


Mila and the Bamboo Shell

Everyone knows I love sparkly things – and anything pink – just check out my Pinterest board on the topic!  So you can imagine how I feel about our new yarn, Mila. 

It’s a beautiful cotton with the finest sparkly filament running through it.  I’ve had it scoped out for a special project for weeks now but with the late spring, the weather has been too cold to get excited about its bright, juicy colors. 

Today’s high of 82 changed all that.  When the sun shines hot, bright colors feel right.  What I have in mind for Mila is this smart little design Lynne found last month, Bamboo Shell by Cheryl Andrews.  It’s a great new pattern with lots of reasons to love it.  It’s the kind of design that will fit nicely into your wardrobe, perking it up without being fiddly or hard to wear.  I like that it’s ribbed which will give it a nice smooth fit and keep the edges straight without a fussy border. The ribs are uneven and broken by garter rows which gives the fabric rhythm and interest. 


Photo courtesy of Cheryl Andrews via Ravelry

I also like the way the armholes are cut in just enough for a sleek, flattering line.  It feels fresh and modern but still modest and age appropriate. 

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Andrews via Ravelry

 Finally, I like this little side gusset that gives you some waist shaping.  Actual waist shaping in the design allows the garment to skim, rather than stretch, over the body. 

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Andrews via Ravelry

I can see myself wearing this all summer, but it is a sleeveless shell, and I totally get that not everyone is comfortable in sleeveless.  But this is a perfect layering piece too.  It would look great under a jacket at the office or paired with with a gauzy long sleeved blouse.  I think this is a beautiful look.

Photo courtesy of

You could even do a matching bolero and make it a twin set.  I’ll be swatching the Mila tonight, but if you want to see more progress, check with Anne Boone, who started hers last week.  She probably has the entire back already done!  

Mary’s Magnificent Thorn

Mary finished her Thorn the other day.  She sent me a quick photo of it just off her needles, but that picture couldn’t begin to show how amazing Thorn looks as worn!  Wow!  What an elegant shape!  
Sometimes things that look as dramatic as this are fiddly and difficult to wear, but this is an example of a perfect marriage of form and function.  The tapered wing shape give you great coverage over the shoulders and across the back with a narrow and  manageable end to toss over your shoulder.  Is there a more perfect excuse for a gorgeous Jul pearl pin!

Thorn is the kind of wrap that just makes you feel elegant and pulled-together, whether you’re dressed for the day in a suit, or running to the store in jeans and a turtleneck.  The fabric is ideal for this time of year as well as into the spring – light and warm and just enough.
Thorn takes just two skeins of fabulous Galler Prime Alpaca – a lovely heather yarn with terrific drape and an amazing hand.  Great colors too.   Which one should I choose?  There is that beautiful hot pink…

Chris Bylsma – featured designer

I love Chris Bylsma – she’s a lovely person, a wonderful teacher, and a terrific designer, so I was thrilled to see that she’s the featured designer this month on Patternfish. Way to go Chris!  We carry nearly her entire line of patterns, and I have knit nine of her designs as you can see. 

They are all fun, straightforward, and flattering.  In celebration we’re offering 25% off all in-stock Chris Bylsma patterns now through February.  So come stock up because these are classic designs you’ll wear and love for a lifetime.

First Friday teaser

We have a brand new yarn for a brand new project for this brand new year!  You’re going to love it.  I cast on and started just to make sure the pattern was not crazy or anything. Here’s a preview. 

It’s a free pattern designed especially to take advantage of this lovely yarn.  Download a copy here, grab some needles (you may need anywhere between a 7 and a 9 depending) and join us for a fabulous First Friday!  

Ice Queen

Ice Queen – photo courtesy of Knitty and Rosemary Hill

I’ve always loved this pattern – so pretty and delicate.  Given my obsession with all things sparkly I guess it’s no surprise, but I have never gone out to purchase beads for the project.  You might say I’m just procrastinating, but the truth is that I really wanted just a bit more sparkle than just beads.  I thought about little Swarovski crystals, but feared they’d be too heavy for the fiber.  So the project has just languished in the back of my mind for several years now.  When gorgeous new Rowan Kid Silk Glamour arrived, last week, I knew it was the perfect solution.  Luscious Kid Silk Haze with tiny sequins already on the yarn. It comes in seven colors, but here are my top three for this project. 

I’ll tell you, these photos don’t do this yarn justice!  Delicate and lovely and in perfect taste, as you would expect from ever so British Rowan Yarns – but sparkly enough even for me.  As the pattern says, the little glittery bits look exactly like flecks of ice caught in the fiber – isn’t that just so romantic – so very Dr. Zhivago.  Two skeins will knit up a fabulously generous Ice Queen cowl.  The pattern is free – the glamorous, Julie Christie effect  – priceless!