Lovin’ my Slip Stitch Cowl

I finished up my Noro Slip Stitch Cowl Sunday afternoon after church and before pecan pie.  As you can see, the bound off side is curling up something fierce, so I decided to give it a nice long soak while I baked.

 Filled the laundry tub with a few inches of lukewarm water and about half a teaspoonful of Eucalan and layed it in there.  Noro Kureyon is a single ply so there’s lots of air in the fiber, and I had to hold the cowl down in the water until it was wet enough to sink.  You can also tell that the fibers are getting saturated when there are no little bubbles around the fabric.

After a nice long soak – I kind of forgot about it with all the pie excitement – it was good and wet.   I didn’t stretch it out, any because the fibers were already relaxed and very well behaved.  Also, despite my concerns that I was knitting too tightly, its final circumference  is 56″ and its depth 10″.  The pattern says it’s to be 46″ in circumference, but I am just fine with the extra length.  Here it is after a few hours on the board. 

I am totally in love with the pattern, but it’s the colors that really blow me away.  I loved the palette shown in the original pattern, but I’m just thrilled at how these two really different colorways played off one another.  You can just see in the photo at right that one is a dark combination of blue, turquoise, and rust, while the other is a very light blend of reddish purple, lime green, and gold.

This was a fun, fun knit.  I can’t wait to wear it, and now that it’s done, I can start my Ice Queen without any guilt at all.  

Finishing frenzy

Something about being stuck inside that makes me want to finish stuff.  Maybe it’s knowing there’s no distraction and no escape.  So yesterday and today I finished two very small projects that I should probably have finished weeks – maybe even months – ago.

First is Capucine.  This adorable little hat takes its name, I believe, from a gorgeous French actress.  C’est très chic, n’est-ce pas?

 It’s a free pattern that takes one skein of Nadeshiko and about 5 minutes to knit. I’m in love with it because it’s totally adorable, and it will keep my ears warm and not give me hat head, which is a major issue in the winter – especially for my daughters at college.  I hope they like it hat because I’m planning on knitting one for each of them.

Next is Saroyan.  This is such a lovely little wrap.  The leaf pattern has always appealed to me, and the yarn is just scrumptious.  Soft and matte, Manos Maxima works up so quickly in this pattern – size 10 needles, for pete’s sake.  Still needs a good hard blocking but here it is.