Shop Pup Farewell

Over the past year or so, many of you have been greeted, herded, nearly-tripped, leaned on, and escorted through the La Plata shop by Samantha, the very plush Shiba Inu girl who, until last evening, traveled with me pretty much everywhere.

Samantha passed away last night, just a couple of months shy of her 16th birthday. She was a wonderful companion for me, and I will miss her every day.

I want to thank all of the La Plata customers of Crazy for Ewe for all the kindness and affection you showed to Samantha. And to thank you too, for your patience and tolerance, especially in her last few months, when Samantha got tangled in your bags or knitting, or when there were sometimes indoor accidents. It meant the world to me to be able to have her with me steadily at the end of her life, and Ellen’s forbearance, and yours, made that possible. I will be forever grateful.

Let me also take this moment to say that if any of you are searching for a new veterinarian, you could not do better than to take your pets to Scott Cosenza, at Mid-County Veterinary Clinic here in LaPlata. Dr. Cosenza and his staff worked energetically and creatively to give Samantha as long and healthy a life as she could possibly have, and made her passing as quiet and gentle as any of us could hope for.

My best to you all,

Update: MINK!!!

Norma Parr finished this beautiful dark green Henslowe this week. I’ve had the honor of bathing and blocking it, and am delighted to report that the mink washes and blocks like a DREAM! No color running in the bath water, and the knitting relaxed into blocked shape very readily.

And by the way, the long-awaited VIOLET color has finally arrived. So, even more wonderful reasons to love the mink!

(Can you tell that I’m crazy about this yarn? 😉

— Lynne

Henslowe! Mink!

This may be the greatest combination since grilled cheese and tomato soup.

I’ve started knitting with the new mink yarn, and man, it’s yummy. Very light in the hands, moves smoothly on the needles, no splitting. And it just gets softer and more luxurious as it’s knitted. Ahhh.

I wound two skeins of the deep sapphire blue, and they’re on their way to becoming a Henslowe. It’s a small shawl, available for download on Ravelry ( Really well written, easy to follow, and I think it’s great looking. A dear friend of mine has made four already, and she’s not done yet!

I think I may get a little obsessed with this pattern. I just cast on this afternoon, and already I’m impatient to be done 😉 Want to join me? I think we may be starting a Henslowe-a-long soon…
Watch for an announcement from Ellen!

Mink! Mad love yarn, just in time for Valentine’s Day

Our first three colors of the sublime new 100% mink yarn called “Mimi,” from Lotus Yarns, have arrived. The softness is exquisite, and the colors are so, so rich. Ballet pink, a true red, and a sapphire blue are here now. Violet, deep green, and a soft neutral brown (like cocoa made with a lot of milk), are on the way, with delivery promised for next week.

Lotus Yarns is also the featured yarn company in the new issue of Vogue Knitting, which also just arrived in the shop today.

Oh, the mink. Don’t miss it.

Happy? Happy! Hiya Hiya Needles in Stock

I admit it. I was skeptical. I’ve been a big, big fan of German-made Addi circular needles for more than a decade: first the Addi Turbos, and now the Addi Lace Tips. I like the Naturas, too, when I’m working with especially fine or slippery yarns. I love the finish, the smoothness of the joins, the flexibility of the current cables, the lifetime guarantee. No, they’re not cheap. But with a tiny bit of care, they’re lifetime tools, and totally worth the investment, to me.

So when we got in a big box full of Hiya Hiya needles from China, I figured they’d be okay, but I was quite sure they’d be no competition for my beloved Addis. I was wrong.

I’m making a simple pair of toe-up socks (from the delightful Malabrigo Sock yarn, see the picture, above) on two 24-inch US size 1 Hiya Hiya circulars. The needle tips are nicely pointy. The needle bodies are very lightweight and five inches long, which makes them really comfortable for me to hold. The surface finish is not as glossy as the Addi Turbos—more like matte stainless steel flatware than highly polished silver; and the surface has a little bit of grip, much like the Addi Lace Tips. The joins are very smooth, with not a bit of snagging on my fine sock yarn. The cables are flexible, but not so soft that they fall perpendicular to the needle (this is good; too soft a cable and you’re more likely to have the cable break at the join). These needles aren’t quite as beautifully made as my Addis, and they don’t come with a lifetime guarantee. But my sock is zooming along, and I’m a happy knitter.

A 24-inch U.S. size 1 circular costs $9.50. That means I can have two (for knitting in the round on two circulars, my preferred sock method), for $19. That’s a great deal. Having the Hiya Hiya needles in the shop means we can offer our customers a good quality needle option at a very budget-friendly price. For lots of us, that’s important these days. I’m really glad to know that I can recommend these needles to our customers without reservation.