Bleaklow Cabled Vest

our upcoming Knit and Finish Class…

Isn’t this a beauty! I’ve started mine in a beautiful aqua shade of the Thistle. Paula, Amy, and I all commented on how much we love the Thistle – it’s nice in the skein, but when you knit it up, it’s so much more lovely and soft–just a joy to work with.

Several customers said that they would prefer a slightly rounded neckline on this garment, so in the class, we’ll be show each student a modification to the neckline. In the photo, the armholes seem a bit small for the model, so we’ll be looking at how to ensure that the armhole depth is correct for each of us. Also, if you would like to make a size larger than the sizes given in the pattern, we’ll help you make that adjustment as well.

This is a great class for beginners, as you can opt out of the cable and just make the vest in plain pattern. It reminds me very much of the vest that was my first project when I started knitting 25 years ago! I bet you can’t guess what color it is!

The class begins this Saturday in La Plata at 1:30. In Leonardtown, we’ll begin the class next Tuesday, the 10th at 2:00. Three sessions is $60

Thistle lace wrap

Here’s my start on the Pikenaze wrap we’re doing as a class this Thursday afternoon in La Plata. The fabric feels a little scrunched up while you’re knitting it, but you can see how a bit of blocking stretches out the yarn-overs and really shows off the pattern. For someone new to lace, the design looks complicated, but it’s actually quite easy – just a 6-row repeat. I’m finding it very addictive, and I seem to choose to work the lace when I need a stress reliever. Somehow focusing on a pattern in which each stitch takes a bit more of my attention seems to get me into a happy zone. The magnet board helps a great deal as well.

This little gem keeps the pattern upright and magnifies the row I’m working so that I never lose track of where I am. I’m also finding it to be very helpful on the Bleaklow cabled vest we’re doing for our next Knit and Finish.

Needle-felting fun

We had a great time making these little critters. So much in fact, that I’ve ordered more kits – including the Three Little Pigs, Chicken family, plus more sheep and rabbits. We’ll be offering the needle-felting class again this Saturday at 10 a.m. in Leonardtown.

Nicole’s sheep joins the Crazy for Ewe flock for a group photo. Hers is the tidy one on the right

Amy’s rabbit in process

Holly’s bluebird of happiness

Duffy puts the finishing touches on her blue bird’s eyes – this part is tricky, I think.

Turned out great!

Having a fit

We had a great time in the Fit and Finish class Saturday in Leonardtown. It was interesting for everyone to see how different two people with the same bust measurement can look. After measuring each other and trying on a sample jacket, most people opted for a longer garment, and many are making changes to the back width, armhole depth, and shoulders for a perfect fit. It was especially interesting to see that most people should knit a smaller size than they imagined would fit them. Aaaah, the beauty of stretchable sweaters – the reason I learned to knit in the first place!

There are still a couple of spots left in the La Plata session of this class – never knit another sweater that doesn’t fit you!