Better than Ice Cream

How much do I love Berroco’s Sundae yarn? Well, the title of this post should tell you, because I never met a flavor of ice cream that I didn’t love. What makes it so wonderful? Well, for one, it’s hard to argue with a yarn that knits up on a size 15 needle. As one knitter said, “Just add water and stir – the thing practically knits itself”. Not exactly, but as far as return on time knitted, it’s pretty hard to beat. This Rayanne cardigan took only about two days worth of actual knitting time, and was very easy to do. The pattern has sizing from 32″-52″and is very flattering. I knit the 36″ size which took just 8 skeins.

The second reason I love Sundae is the colors. Each colorway is a subtle blend of several coordinating shades. For instance, the burgundy I used has shades of rose and brown and red. There is even a very beautiful blue and green one that reminds me of Black Watch plaid. Here’s a close-up of the colors. You can see that the yarn has a really nice sheen as well.

Berroco’s pattern book for Sundae has several of great designs for quick-knit jackets as well as fun hats, scarves, and cowls. Come by the shop and treat yourself to a calorie-free Sundae.

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  1. This is one of my favorite yarns. I used it as a substitute when knitting the Cabled Shrug from Classic Elite’s Snow Days. It feels wonderful and knits so quickly. I see more of this yarn in my future.

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