Amazing arrival of Malabrigo

The wonderful folks at Malabrigo had a devastating fire at their facilities in Uruguay, so when I ordered four bags each of 15 colors, I was not exactly sure what, if anything, they’d be able to ship. I received an email about a week ago telling me that certain colors I’d selected were not available but that other similar colors were. In a tremendous leap of faith, I said okay, and paid for what they had.

Friday a huge shipment of Malabrigo’s hand-dyed pure merino arrived. Box after box gloriously soft, richly dyed yarn spilled out into the shop. It was a mess, but truly, it’s so soft, you just want to roll around in this stuff.

We received 15 different colors, as orderd, and to be honest, I had to check my order sheet to see which colors I’d selected myself, and which had been substituted. Each color is richly saturated and absolutely beautiful. And we have a ton of it at both shops. Grenda bought Geranio, a spectacular shade of deep fuschia, for a Nehru-style jacket from Jean Frost, Donna got Applewood for her Louis Harding cable-front cardigan

and Laura’s swatching Cactus Flower for the Swing Coat from Knitting Pure and Simple. I’ve been busy dreaming about some kind of fabulously soft end beautiful sweater in it – like maybe this one from Dolce Handknits.

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