Knit and Finish

Knit and Finish is geared to the beginning or intermediate knitter without a lot of sweater-knitting experience. There are lots of ins and outs to making a garment that are not mentioned in the pattern, but an experienced knitter has learned through trial and error. These little tricks make the difference between a successful project that’s a joy to knit, is easy to finish, and looks professional, and one that’s just not much fun at all.

This class starts with the absolute basics, taking nothing for granted. You’ll learn exactly what to do where and why, so that you learn not just to follow a pattern but understand it. While this class will not focus on pattern alterations, you will learn how and where to make minor adjustments to the garment.

When all the pieces are knit, you’ll learn the finishing process. Good finishing is the difference between a fine hand-tailored garment that makes people say, “Wow, where did you get that sweater!” and one that makes your friends nod knowingly and say, “I see you’ve taken up knitting…” You’ll learn how to make elegant shoulder joins, invisible side seams, perfectly set-in sleeves, and picked up stitches that lie smoothly and look beautiful.

This class is the perfect, safe environment in which to knit your first sweater or vest. ┬áIt’s never too early to learn good knitting practices, so don’t be afraid to join us. We’ll hold your had through the entire process, and your very first sweater can be a spectacular success!