A fabulous time with Sally Melville

What an amazing time we had Monday night, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Sally is not only an amazing knitter, but a gifted teacher, and a thoroughly approachable human being – very personable and funny. We were all inspired and empowered by the classes.

Here are ten fun things I learned, in no particular order:

  1. Anyone can be creative – you just have to be open to the opportunity
  2. You can wash woolens in the machine – just soak in SOAK or other low-sudsing wool wash for 40 minutes and spin the water out! –
  3. Knitted skirts can be very flattering
  4. The relationship between rows and stitches in stockinette is independent of gauge.
  5. In 2-color Fair Isle knitting, I like carrying the MC in my right hand and the CC around my neck.
  6. Garments typically need more ease than we think – especially drop shouldered sweaters and all coats.
  7. Reverse stockinette makes the best edges
  8. There is a not that will never come out, and you can use it on color knitting. You’ll find it in the Color book.
  9. Duplicate stitch is best worked bottom to top and side to side.
  10. The next book in Sally’s series is “Texture”, and I cannot wait!!!

I’ll post more pictures soon.

p.s. Sally signed all the copies of her books that I had left in stock, and we still have a few left, so get ’em while you can.

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