A classic

I wore my Take Two for the classes and presentations yesterday here at the Yarn Market News.  I was surprised and flattered at how many people commented and asked me what pattern it was!  It made me so proud and happy – thank you, Chris, for such a great design.  In case you haven’t seen, or don’t remember all the beautiful examples of Take Two when we did it as a Fit and Finish, check out the photos below. 

Take Two is a single strand of dk wool and a single strand of some other dk cotton or silk held together and knit in a slanted rib pattern.  It’s worked on size 11 needles, but for some reason, it doesn’t look at all bulky – just sharp and professional.  Spring is a great time to do Take Two because we have a really great selection of dk cottons and silks in stock, so it’s easy to find just the right color combination.

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